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Masterplan and Urban Design of a new town on the banks of the Kariba dam in Zimbabwe

Masterplan & Urban Design

Devedzo Investments

Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

Kariba Lake City is a travel and leisure oriented new town built on the banks of the Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe. Set in a conservation area on a greenfield site, the masterplan connects the northern mainland bank with three separate islands, setting up different functions and characters in these precincts. The primary concept is to capitalise on the natural setting, orientating towards the wildlife reserve and responding to the opportunity of the water’s edge. The masterplan is set to be resolved as an eco-town that offers international standards and amenities, with a flexible grid layout that responds to green spaces.

Functions include a number of hotels and lakeside villas, a new municipal headquarters, retail, theme parks, a college, praise and worship centre, residential estates, golf courses and game lodges.

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