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Africa Healthcare Build Conference 2016

Due to our wealth of Healthcare knowledge, HLM Africa was invited by the East African Health Federation and Dr Amit N. Thakker, to present and chair the second day of the Africa Healthcare Build Conference in London in mid-February 2016.

An esteemed delegate list, consisting of Ministers from Departments of Health, Hospital Managers and Heads of Academic Hospitals and many more attended from all over Africa to listen and discuss contentious topics on Healthcare in Africa.

The most debated topics included the dire need for Healthcare facilities in Africa amplified by the extreme difficulty to secure funding and investment opportunities within the continent. This puts a huge strain on healthcare infrastructure development in Africa. A PPP process for Hospital Building could circumvent some of the funding difficulties.

HLM challenged some international trends in Healthcare Designs and preconceived notions, since a World Class hospital model in Africa differs from hospital trends elsewhere in the world. The African solution needs to take into account the bankability and affordability of the healthcare facility, and identify all the risks to attract possible investment. The facility, its appropriate size and expansion strategies should closely link to training programmes in Healthcare which are inherently influenced by the shortage and availability of staff and the risk of exporting the few skills currently available. Developing a Hospital in Africa should be a functional driven process to make sure it suits its location. Good design decisions do not need to be expensive solutions.



HLM Africa awarded the PMR Bronze Arrow award in the National Survey of Architects in Johannesburg

HLM Africa has been awarded the PMR Bronze Arrow Award in the National Survey of Architects in Johannesburg on the 24 May 2013.  HLM Africa jointly shared the 4th position with Stauch Voster Architects.

The prestigious award is based on an intensive interview process conducted by PMR Africa which comprised of 143 respondents; 9 Architects, 43 Construction companies, 25 Consulting engineers, 25 Developers and 41 Quantity Surveyors.

The respondents rated the nominees across a range of attributes:

–  Ability to administer the contract
–  Black Ecomonic Empowerment (BEE)
–  Commitment to work within a budget
–  Communicates design and management skills
–  Competitive pricing
–  Cooperation with client
–  Creativity
–  Environmental friendly solutions
–  On-time delivery of information
–  Quality control
–  Quality of construction documentation
–  Responsiveness
–  Reputation (i.e perception of the firm’s brand, integrity, CSI)

The award is a reflection of our unique ability to bring clarity to a project, harnessing ideas and translating those into something workable and inspirational alongside our co-consultatns and clients.



Africa Design and Health Award

2nd place: Highly Commended
Phila Kahle (‘Living Well’)

HLM Africa was delighted to be chosen as one of the two finalists for our project on lifestyle and wellness in rural, suburban and urban locations in South Africa as part of the Design and Health Awards in Cape Town. Our submission, named after the Zulu phrase for “Live Well”, is based on the idea that the built environment can facilitate a sense of life’s comprehensibility, manageability and meaning. Our proposal is built upon the notion that restorative places can mitigate stress and provide positive psychosocial stimulation.

Our proposed HPLC consists of a primary healthcare clinic, community space, gardens, a crèche and accommodation for patients and staff. The design has a strong focus on health promotion, wellness, education, preventative care and early intervention – a salutogenic, rather than a curative, approach. This approach shifts the focus away from risk factors and the treatment of disease towards a holistic understanding of a healthy society in the African context.

– The International Jury
– Dr Alan Dilani, International Academy for Design and Health (coordinator)
– Dr Massoud Shaker, Ministry of Health
– Michael Moxam, Stantec Architecture, Canada
– Cliff Harvey, Ministry of Health, Canada
– Dr Mohamad Rahim, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
– Gunther De Graeve, director, Destravis, Australia
– Mikael Paatela, director, SWECO architects, Finland
– Mrs Laura Angeletti, Department of Health, South Africa
– Hennie Cloete, Department of Health, South Africa
– Richard Hussey, Department of Health, South Africa
– Geoff Abbott, CSIR Built Environment, South Africa


Chris Liddle of HLM Africa receives a cheque from South African Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoledi