HLM Africa forms part of a greater international network of collaborative partners. With multi-faceted skills and a range of experience across sectors and continents, we leverage expertise from offices in Johannesburg, London, Dubai, Sheffield, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff and Abu Dhabi to bring a unique bouquet of possibilities to our clients.


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For many years, HLM has cultivated a ‘one team’ culture with staff firmly at its core. Design excellence and client satisfaction remain critical to our mission, and we couldn’t deliver this without a close-knit team of dedicated and enquiring minds. We work internationally as one, sharing best practice, knowledge and experience across the globe. 

HLM Africa, HLM, Llewelyn Davies, Sidell Gibson and 33 Interiors, are five independent Architectural and Interior Design Practices forming a collaborative group, delivering acknowledged Design Quality across key sectors of the built environment.