A home-grown design studio with international skills at our fingertips.


Collaboration is key to the way we function. Harnessing the knowledge and understanding of the people we work with is the pivotal to delivering special results. Whether we are talking to clients, consultants or colleagues, at the same desk or across the world, communication is essential. We invest in technology so that our ideas flow freely and our knowledge is shared. We embrace our system as a platform that allows global contact with experienced experts in any kind of spatial design.



Our office has humble beginnings in Pretoria over 50 years ago. In that time, we have grown and changed, and we have always kept building. Today, based in Johannesburg, we might be part of a global network of over 200 committed individuals spread over three continents, but we retain our identity. We understand our place, our country and our continent; we understand the challenges, and we understand the opportunities.

Lateral Inspiration

We are a team of lateral thinkers, and our passion, inspiration and innovation is lateral too. Our studio environment has a team of creative people, who have proven capabilities in delivering outstanding built form. Our team works collectively across all sectors to create buildings that majestically marry form and function.



Knowing is not enough. We want to understand. We are constantly listening, refining, and honing our understanding of our client’s needs. We listen first, and then we design.


We constantly return to our beliefs. Our challenges vary and our process adjusts, but we know what we are and we know what we can do. And what we want is a satisfied client.


Problem Solving

Architecture is not about pretty pictures. Architecture is about making places work. We focus on the practical first, and then champion the aesthetics.



Form follows function but form also follows budget. Our designs respond to the client and user requirements in terms of quality and cost.

Life-Cycle Costing

It means doing it right the first time. And this means spending less money.



The people who approach us, who understand what we do and who want to invest in our services are generally successful, intelligent and critical people. So it makes sense to listen very carefully before making our magic.



Architecture is about forging value and investment. Without architecture, a building is merely a shelter. With architecture, it becomes an asset.